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Clubs have been a big part of my life. Even when I was underaged, I would venture to nightclubs in Brisbane.


This led to me starting one of the first-ever morning clubs in 1992, The Dawning, then renamed Wonderland, upstairs above the Roxy in Brisbane's Valley district. Later the party moved to a nearby basement venue at The Tube. These breakfast clubs on Sunday morning went on for a legendary crazy year or so. 

Then when I moved to London in 2000, I became involved in promoting gay bars, clubs & parties through my work as Editor of the UK's largest free gay publication Now UK and Bent Magazine. 

In 2015, an opportunity presented itself to get involved in running my own licensed venue.


On the back of this, I set up Manbar in London's trendy Soho. Manbar hosted numerous parties including Spunk, Hombre, Rewind, Babylon, plus a cowboy night and films night, fundraisers, cabaret and drag shows, talks, sexual health clinics, and art exhibitions. 

I also learn how to DJ around this time and would often play at these parties. I also set up Bankside Space, Atmos Lounge, club night Bump. 


In 2016, I  was one of the founders of the Equality Ball, a night of food, music, and dancing to raise money for the Peter Tatchell Foundation. 


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