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IN DEVELOPMENT - 90 min feature

Writers Christopher Amos & Michael Styliano

Producer Christopher Amos

In the tight-knit world of the Blackpool ballroom dancing scene, gay dancer Jack Cole struggles to live up to the expectations of his father and coach, Fred, a former national ballroom champion.

Desperate to leave Blackpool, Jack lives at home, works in a cabaret bar while training to win the National Championships with his dance partner and best friend Carmen Murphy.

After handsome New Yorker Eric Martin moves to town Jack is introduced to the world of same-sex ballroom dancing.

Together they train in secret for the inaugural national same-sex ballroom competition and the two fall in love.


When the British Dance Association president Victor Voltaire finds out all hell breaks loose. Through Jack, we experience the homophobia of the ballroom dancing scene as he struggles to chase his dream.

Christopher Amos in Blackpool