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When I am not making documentaries I have been busy creating promotions videos. These are always fun, because I can experiment with the edit. Over the years I have appeared in several promotional videos and written, produced and directed more than twenty promos.

For a decade now I have had the privilege of creating promotional content for Pleasuresdrome, London's world famous gay and bisexual spa. In this time I have worked with over 50 male models, which is really fun. The challenge is always to create new stories in each video. 

With the rise of social media, promotional videos are a necessity. Which has led to me creating promos for various clubs, parties and venue I have been associated with including Manbar, Bankside Space, Atmos Lounge, London Pride, Equality Ball, Prowler and Wig Party

Then there are other random videos I appeared in including a Bernie Sanders campaign film shot in Los Angeles, an instructional video for online wholesale website Alibaba, and filmed events surrounding Dressed as a Girl when this documentary was released in 2015. 


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